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Compare all the available packages for your home or business for high speed services. Choose from a vast range of internet providers with speeds of up to 500 Mbps to watch videos and TV or managing email and web services fast.

Local Provider Package DetailsSpeedPrice $/moMore information
Get super fast internet access with lightening fast download speeds of up to 500 Mbps - download videos and music fast. Free
25.0 Mbps$39.99 Call Toll Free 24x7
877 269 0222
TimewarnerTime Warner Cable
Get some of the fastest speeds available by cable today. Includes free wireless router and anti-virus software
15.0 Mbps$34.99 Call Toll Free 24x7
877 269 9882
ATTAT&T High Speed Internet from $14.95*
Broadband download speeds of up to 3.0 Mbps from just $14.95/mo* with free access to the national AT&T Wi-Fi network *w/1 yr term commitment when bundled with qualifying voice services
3.0 Mbps$14.95 Call Toll Free 24x7
877 269 0275
VerizonVerizon FiOS
Get download speeds of up to 1.0Mbps from only $24.99 per month and get a free wireless router worth $55 when you sign up today
1.0 Mbps$24.99 Call Toll Free 24x7
877 260 2060
CoxCox from $34.99/mo for 12 mos
Fast download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and the free Cox security suite **. You also receive 24/7 live online sports coverage from ESPN3
5.0 Mbps$24.99 Call Toll Free 24x7
877 269 0277
CharterCharter from $29.99/mo*
Get hyper fast broadband speeds of up to an impressive 30Mbps with Charter. Free access to ESPN3 with up to 3,500 events per year.
30.0 Mbps$29.99 Call Toll Free 24x7
877 269 9668

When looking to upgrade from slow dial up services to high speed broadband connections there are many companies in your area that can provide wireless or cable dsl solutions. But where do you start? Not all services are available in every state with different providers operating on the west and east coasts. Undertaking a whole of market comparison enables you to check what's available, the pricing, upload and download speeds and price of service.

Getting Faster Online Access

If you are still on a dial up service then you won't be able to experience the much faster speeds that dsl, cable or satellite broadband can bring. Watching online videos is going to be extremely slow as you won't be able to stream the video or music onto your computer.

If you are into online gaming then it's going to be near impossible to get the best experience without a faster connection. And even receiving emails with attachments is going to test your patience. So while there are great offers and discounts to get high speed access for as little as $19.95 per month what are you waiting for?

Other Options

Of course to get broadband in your area you need to have access to the telecommunications services at your home or business but what happens if you don't have that? There are other options available which we cover on this site.

First off there are wireless access services so you can get Wi-Fi and wireless connections. If you are completely out of area, for example on a farm, then you have the option of satellite access services directly from space! If you already have a connection then you can take advantage of local dsl broadband which is as fast as any 4G mobile network.

The majority of packages are for 12 months from just $19.95 per month so is also cost effective.

What Else is there to Consider?

Most companies offer bundled packages to provide discounts if you take more than one service. These can include DirectTV, telephone calls together with your ISP. Generally buying together lowers the total cost against if you purchased each service separately.

You do not always need to go direct as the cable networks and cell phone companies can also bundle your options.

Guides and Information

To check coverage in your area check this page to produce a list of services available specific for your zip code address.

Depending on your area you can compare all major vendors including AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Charter and Time Warner Cable.

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