Internet Offers in New York

Compare stand alone broadband offers in New York City as well as telephone and TV bundles (triple play and double play) and save money today. If you want faster internet, to save money on your current provider or are moving into a new home check out the following offers and call us free today. Verizon and TWC cover all areas including NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Buffalo.

Comcast, Charter, Cox and AT&T are not available in the New York Area.

To find the best deals available for your specific zip code, please enter your details above. You'll then see exact offers and bundles available today including special offers such as pre-paid visa cards up to the value of $250 for some triple play. Alternatively call us free for help. We're open 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Triple Play Offers in New York

Both Verizon and Time Warner Cable offer internet broadband, TV and phone as a triple play bundle where you'll make additional savings by subscribing to all three services at the same time. We also have rebates and coupons to reduce the cost even further. These are usually time limited, so it's best to call us to see what's on offer today.

Verizon FiOS® TV

This service uses new fibre optic cables to blast data and pictures at the speed of light. This lightening speed means you get exceptional quality and no lag when streaming films and general TV. They also host over 40,000 VoD or video on demand options with over 60% completely free of charge. You can also experience high definition HD pictures that bring a new dimension to television. You've probably seen the Verizon advertising whilst travelling on the metro in New York, so you know they want your business. Call us today to discuss all options available.

New York Local Providers

There's also a range of local internet providers in the New York area that may provide services similar to Verizon or TWC. Local providers perhaps offer a more personalized service than national companies, but the product may differ, and the price could be higher. To complete the picture we have listed local companies that may help.

Verizon and TWC serve all areas in the New York City area. Some of the most popular requests we receive are for zip code 10001 in NYC, Rochester 14602, Syracuse 13201 and New Rochelle 10801.