Cable Internet Services

If you already have cable TV in your home, then you have the option of adding a phone service and internet services to your contract. The various cable internet providers can provide a broadband connection as a bundle deal with your current telephone and TV contract.

Cable broadband speeds are far superior to comparable services provided through traditional telephone lines. So if you have cable TV, we recommend selecting your internet service from your existing provider. Here are some of the current offers available to existing or new subscribers:

Time Warner cable super-fast broadband

Time Warner Cable® offers super fast high speed internet over your cable with speeds of at least 10 Mbps from $34.95/mo for 12 months.

15.0 Mbps



Xfinity from Comcast Communications

Get some of the fastest cable speeds in the nation from Xfinity 25Mbps super fast internet. Get a free security suite and watch live sports online from and ESPN3

25.0 Mbps



AT&T cable internet and TV

High speed internet download speeds of up to 3.0Mbps from just $14.95 per month with free access to the national AT&T Wi-Fi network.

3.0 Mbps



What is Cable Internet?

The cable DSL (a term for broadband) is the same as other high-speed internet broadband services accessed via standard telephone lines. Regular broadband operates over existing telephone lines whereas cable services are accessed via your existing cable network connection.

This type of service is "always on" so you don't have to dial up and wait for a connection. Your existing services are unaffected so you can use your telephone, view your television and be online all at the same time.

Download speeds vary from each provider, but the basic speed will be at least 1Mbps. The speed is 25 times faster than traditional dial-up services. Some companies can offer super-fast download speeds of around 7Mbps. Some operators can now provide incredible speeds of up to 50Mbps by using advanced fiber optic networks.

It will depend on where you live (for example in a large city) and what type of providers can connect you. The fastest fiber optic network we have seen is from XFINITY® from Comcast. If this is of interest call our friendly customer services team on 1-866-937-9124 for more information.

Recommended Cable Internet Providers

The top three cable internet providers in US offer some great packaged deal. As not all companies operate in all states, you'll need to enter your details to see who is offering packages in your area.

The general basic speeds for cable internet are much faster than standard DSL broadband because the technology used is more advanced especially the fiber optic networks. Prices for the most basic services start at as little as $19.95 per month. You can also select various bundled offers to include telephone and TV which saves money from purchasing them separately. Most also have a speed booster system which will speed up the first 10gb or so of any video you are downloading so check to see if this is offered by your provider.

If you already have a cable connection or know that there's a cable provider in your area, then it's worth comparing these with traditional broadband packages.

Either enter your address or zip code to search for offers in the box at the top of that page. The results will display all the available deals from providers such as Verizon, XFINITY® from Comcast, Cox and DISH. Alternatively call the toll free numbers displayed against today's deals highlighted above.