DSL Internet Services

If you're looking for high-speed broadband internet services, then a DSL or digital subscriber line connection could be worth considering. More commonly called ASDL, these connections use your existing telephone line to split the digital signals so you can talk to your friends and family and use the internet at the same time.

Speeds vary depending on the technology used for the line into your home or office. The connections are much faster than dial-up services and can be as high as 20Mbps depending on how far you are away from the telephone exchange that services your phone line.

What is DSL internet?

DSL is just a term to describe a broadband internet connection that translates into fast access to online surfing, downloading files and videos. Voice and data communications can be transmitted through the same telephone line because they use different frequencies (broadband uses a higher frequency) so there is never any interference between the two. Whereas dial-up leads to the loss of a telephone line for making calls, with DSL broadband you are always online and can always use both of the services together.

How to get a DSL connection

If you already have a telephone line installed, then the likelihood is that any internet service provider can provide DSL internet to your home. You'll also be able to access the internet wirelessly throughout your home with an approved wireless router. Simply subscribe to a service available in your area, connect your telephone line to a modem or wireless router and you're good to go. Modems and routers perform similar tasks that split your line to manage voice and data simultaneously. Any device connected to the router will require their dedicated wireless card although most laptops and smartphones already have these built into the hardware.

If you already have a DSL broadband connection and undertake a speed test to see how fast your connection is, you may not be able to get it any faster because of the phone line you already have. Cable internet is a lot faster but of course you can only get this if you have cable installed in your street. If you're in a rural area, then there's the option of satellite DSL that also faster than standard broadband.

Almost all the ISP services providers offer flat-rate services where you pay a fixed monthly rate for the speed you choose. The more you pay, the faster your DSL broadband will be. There are also normally daily or monthly download limits of the amount of data you can access. For example, streaming video or playing online games require fast speeds but with a high consumption of bandwidth, so it's worth checking those limits with any package you're considering.

Recommended DSL Internet Providers

Here are the top three DSL internet providers and offers. All of them offer DSL internet connections for as little as $19.95 per month and now DSL is as cheap as dial-up and of course more convenient and much faster so check out the offers below:

Please call toll-free on 1-877-269-0275 for Verizon, 1-877-269-0275 for AT&T or 1-877-269-0275 for Quest/ Centurylink.

If you have dial-up internet and want to have the convenience of being able to use your telephone as well as be online then DSL is for you. Check out the above offers from these broadband providers, and if you sign up online, you'll receive additional discounts and free gifts.