Privacy Policy

What we do with your data

We are committed to ensuring your privacy is protected at all times when you use our website or our customer services team via the telephone. The policy outlined here contains important information on the types of data collected and used. Regular updates are made to this policy, and you should read this periodically. If you don't agree with these terms, please do not use the site.

The Types of Data We Collect From You

We will collect various data elements from your interaction with our website as follows:

Use of Website Cookies

Each visit you make to our website results in a cookie placed on your computer. The cookie helps guide our website development for future interactions by yourself and others from analytics software. We do not allow third-party advertising on this site, so no cookies are transferred to others.

The cookies are used to monitor and assist with website tracking. The cookie is downloaded without any interaction required by yourself or computer. Your personal data is not accessible to us or shared with third-parties.

You can opt to decline the use of cookies by changing the settings on your browser. You also have the option of deleting your web browsing history and cookies via your browser. If these aren't deleted, then they'll remain on your hard drive and updated on any subsequent visits.

Data Usage Methods

We collect data to assist with the running of the website and improve the products and services we offer our visitors. In addition, we may use this information for the following purposes:

The Storage of Your Data

We store any data you submit to us by electronic means. This data may be transferred to other parties at your request by secured means. Other third parties may have different arrangements.

We do not process payments on this website. Any payments taken over the telephone are secure. We make every effort to ensure your data is then stored securely and kept encrypted.

A third party organization stores our analytical data.


Only you can disclose your data to a third party. We never share your data with anyone else except our staff. A third party processes payment transactions and they may have a different privacy policy that then one listed here.

We may share your information if required under a legal obligation.

External Links

We sometimes provide links to external websites. We do not accept payment for these links, and they're added to assist your information requirements. We cannot vouch for these third party websites, and they will have different privacy policies which you should check. We do not accept liability for these websites.

This policy was last updated on 4th November 2014.