Wireless Internet Providers

You can now find cheap wireless internet service providers for the fastest broadband connection in your home or office. Select from a range of ISP companies providing high-speed DSL services for as little as $14.95 per month.

What is Wireless Internet?

Going wireless simply means that you have no cables to worry about from your laptop or desktop computer. You'll need a wireless router that connects into your main broadband connection through your telephone line. The router will then wirelessly connect your computer to the internet without the need of a cable into the telephone socket.

Security Settings

Your router should be set up for the highest security settings to be able to surf safely. Set up instructions are included to provide a wireless signal sent continuously from the router to your card to have a trouble free connection.

Laptop Implementation

There should be a card slot in your laptop where the wireless card just slots into with ease. Most laptops already have wireless capabilities built in so you shouldn't have to invest in any new technology. Other methods require a USB port where the card or wireless device is very small and just protrudes a little out of the side of your computer.

For Desktops

You can also use a desktop computer to connect to your wireless router if it's not close to your main internet connection. A wireless card is required for the desktop in the same manner as a laptop. You can connect as many desktops, laptops and printers from around your home to run off your main router hub.

Once you have a card in your laptop, you can then access other publically available wireless networks perhaps at coffee shops or even McDonalds now. These services are usually completely free of charge although their network will be unsecure so be careful on your usage. These connections are good for general surfing and accessing sites where you don't need to enter your personal data.

Alternatives to Wi-Fi

Other options to consider are cell phone hot spots, but high access charges may make this prohibitive. Most cell phones can connect to wireless networks so you can connect your cell phone to your home network in much the same way as your computer. Wi-Fi technology is already built into the phone so you won't need an additional card.

Finding the Right Wireless Provider

Wireless router connecting your home to the internetThe quality of any wireless signal is dependent on how far you are from the router and your service provider. Most providers offer free routers with new packages and most perform well. The location of your equipment in relation to your router could have a negative effect on performance.

If the signal has to travel through solid concrete walls, then you may not be able to connect well. There are systems that use your home electricity cables which provide a fast, uninterrupted service.

The other important element is to select an internet service of high speed. Choose an operator in your area that offers at least 3-4Mbps in download speed to enjoy online services as they were meant to be. Call our customer services team now on 1-866-937-9124 for free impartial advice.